Smile away your fears & start discovering more about you.

Turn that frown upside down and Smile: Lockdown madness 2020.

The whole world takes part in a Lockdown battle to rid this awful Virus that has taken over every waking second. Right now it is crucial to use our energy and time to improve the skills we already have, learn something new, re arrange your house and fix things that have been abandoned. This time can teach us new things and bring appreciation back to the here and now. Also shows us how important it is to work as a community.

This girl will make you Smile and amazed ๐Ÿ’‹ Check out this talent. You could discover or Learn something new. The main thing that triggered my alert and autopilot panic button was restriction of nature. No outside? What utter horror. But necessary of course and I don’t think any of us were prepared for the emergency lockdown that took affect without warning.
My kiddies used to watch this stuff all the time and actually can be very funny.. “what are those?” Smile Hard and laugh when you can.
So being “Is what it is” Let’s crack on shall we and try to Smile. Exercise is perhaps one of the most important and effective ways to maintain sanity and strength throughout this period. Another absolutely even more important is Nutrition. Put it this way, You will generally have less access to the direct sunlight if you are not fortunate to live in the middle of nowhere or have a large terrace or garden to entertain yourself and sun gaze a while to pass the time and those who have bought a fit-bit and obsessing about the amount of steps you take on a daily basis will all start to go into panic.

Fill your fridge with nutrition packed goods.

Superfoods, lots of fruit in your fruit bowls and herbs, Seeds, Greens fresh or powdered, Reds Tambien! plenty of water and some plonk too! During these times your moods will be likely to drop if you do not have the basics for stable health or a great support network of loved ones, neighbours or happen to be at risk or already infected. Here is a list of products and supplements I use for general health and immune boosting. Zink, Hemp seeds, Ginkgo Biloba, Milk thistle, CBD oil, Iron and Magnesium and Flax seeds. Another important factor is support network, so contacting often enough family and friends to see how they are doing , what they are doing to pass time and an exchange of positive ideas and activities you can do interactively together. Online games, FaceTiming each other at dinner time and share each others company, If you are apart from your kids or grand-kids and miss them terribly you could video call and read them a story when they are tucked up ready for bed. The Italians have been serenading each other hanging out of the windows to put a romantic spin on it all I think there will be a lot of love from all this.
Lot’s of tears and many will be missed through unfortunate loss and helplessness.
By sticking to the guidelines and being a little more thoughtful then usual to protect our neighbours this will all be over sooner then we think and will leave many bruised financially and cause awkward situations everywhere. Stay positive and use the Lockdown to face your fears, learn new things and giving yourself the ultimate pamper treatment and try to read all the books you never have time for,

Cook like you have never cooked before.

And may be share your ideas and talents with the world. Personally one of my fave ways to pass time is hitting the sentimental spot with rare boogie from the 80s, some 90s RnB and music my parents would play leaving all sorts of emotions, listening to audio books and podcasts and sipping on some very fine wine. Set up a music war for you and whoever play dj with tracks that mean something and tell everyone why. share your memory and your song and take it in turns.

Try not to take this time personal but take advantage of what you can do and not what you cant!

I will never take for granted the access I had to my paradise playground I live in “Tarifa” Andalucia. Smile from ear to ear listening to a bit of music. A blast from the past can be very heart warming with or with out friends friends

Be entertained Be kind Be happy Be present and Be loved

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