Feels so real “Lockdown vibes”.

Feels so real ? Twighlight addition Feels so real, and more so everyday. 😶 Official extension is 13 April so fingers crossed something will be in place and make that a reality..Or not? I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people are actually secretly loving this unfortunate Lockdown. Would you feel gutted if you were sent back to reality tomorrow? Would you feel like you didn’t get the chance to do things you said you would, or feel ashamed that you didn’t start things you said you would? Be a “doer!” complete some luxury or horrible tasks you have been putting off, Paper work, cleaning the insides of cupboards and fridges, goo Nuts bleaching all the white goods and the skirting boards of every room and get your pad looking and feeling like a magazine home again. 💃🏼 🕺🏼

Get obsessed with you and your kids;

Instead of getting irritated by them or irritating them. My 3 year old is bursting with energy and mischief-ness. Little man Bodhi 🦸‍♂️ is used to being stimulated by so many cool folk and entertained everyday walking miles, climbing, jumping etc. My bed gets more action then necessary right now and neighbours must think i’m constantly at it. Could this be a new baby boom? 🤰🏾

It’s a great time to get close

Forever promising to read bed time stories? play with toys? watch movies and snuggle up? now is the time! Be traditional and go back to the basics. Kids love and respond to that more then anything. The pressure of being the perfect stable human suddenly Feels so real . Take some pressure off and have Uncles and Aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas, other loved ones or mates to video call, make bed time stories or homework or general banter. How lucky we are to have mod cons and technology? However, If you don’t have a great connection then leave the phone out of it and just go “old skool”. connect directly and physically.
Fortunate enough to be with your loved ones 🤣🤐
Feels so real Feels like time
You can really use some time (not all! Be realistic) But some time to get to know each other. You can live with a bunch of people including little ones you have made from scratch, But do you really know interesting things about each other? We are all damn beautiful and quirky in our own ways whether you choose to see it in others or not.
Get Raw at meal times 👩🏾‍🍳
A beautiful time to get it all out. Make the dinner table a beautiful space, light candles, clear away clutter and lay it well, (learn how to lay a table).. ok forget the table .. make the dance floor. fill it with good food and good energy. No picking on each other this is not the time to make digs or bitch at anyone. Find out funny things about each other. You might discover things that could change the balance forever. Allow each other to “go there”
Connect with your partner again and get out of all those uncomfortable Borkward zones.
Now is the time to really go inside. Feels so real, love has been pushed away to last priority in the madness and rush of life, career, kids, not kids, in-laws or general life stuff. Pamper and spoil each other, leave little notes around your place, massage, work out together, read and cook together. be a unit, a team and learn new things and changes you have both made over time. (Be safe with the topics you choose stay away from triggers)🚨That shit aint good. 
Your partner is not with you? use intimate time online face to face. You could send each other pics of your private parts! 🤦‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ "oh matron" 
Proven to be rather affective so try to leave texting to a minimal and enjoy each others faces and expressions and what everrrrr! 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤷🏽‍♂️🤭😜😳🤮   Click here for camera tips  🎞📸 📹 Couples meditation is a great start. There are scrillions of videos out there. You are better off finding a voice or video together that you don’t find cringe or irritating. This could be part of the bonding and having a good laugh at trying to take this seriously! Here is one for an example Check out this fab audio book I listen to every so often just to remind myself of a few things. Great comfort and very motivating. Stuart Wilde “how to create miracles.

So the Uk and Gibraltar finally went on “Lockdown” more like a semi lockdown, but about time!

Britain is on police-enforced lockdown after Boris Johnson said families should stay at home to counter the spread of coronavirus – and the government followed up with a mass text message on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak has said that creating a package of aid for self-employed and gig economy workers is very difficult and that he had no new measures of that kind to announce. Read more Am I jealous or pissed off (totally jealous😭) about Uk having different rules along with, most of the worlds lockdowns, or if that is utter stupidity and risky allowing everyone ways to continue to secretly meet and pretend to do fitness. that reminds me of this. You’re welcome! Why it Feels so real and so many different rules for others. No doubt if that was lifted here in Spain I of course would be clever about where i go and would change a lot of the mental health issues for many.
I dread to imagine just what some may be going through
Searching for various pages or contact lines offered to anyone feeling unable to cope. Just about any human on this planet may need support and suffer the some way. people losing their jobs, unable to pay rent or continue feeding themselves or others, loneliness or helplessness, separated from family members and loved ones, firing others or just shit conditions to live in during these times. click here this is the Australian page but was clear and compassionate. I really struggled to find an english or spanish page that didn’t confuse me or depress me just trying to find helping tools.

Perking things up again!

This morning I had a very slow lazy, dreamy wake up at 9 am, had a lovely cuppa cwaffy, lit some candles and an incense as I prepped my living room for a Yoga session. Every morning with Paulina Zakrzewska gives a class using meeting software “zoom“. This morning 22 joined the class and everyday expanding quickly. Paulina takes you through a journey, connects, opens your chakras, and gives you a jolly good work out too. My fave part is the relaxation at the end and a guaranteed tear jerking. Your tension will leave you in a caring and loving way. Paulina is magic. Good job you probably still have 100,000 rolls of tissue left!
Come and train with me everyday at 13:00 If a class is cancelled you will be informed by the website if you subscribe.
Learn to sculpt your body using Kettlebells and Ankle weights. New skills and sequencing to keep you pumped and excited. So come train with me 🏋🏽‍♂️  Its free you just need to download Zoom. Click the link on my home page and join in 😘 Free class

The skins of onions are so rich with flavonoids (quercetin)

Great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. By peeling garlic or onions skins removes the phenylpropanoid antioxidants which protects the heart and helps to fight the ageing process it boosts immunity and lowers cholesterol. Also helps with respiratory problems. Add the shells of Onions to a large pan on a slow simmer with masses amounts of ginger. Ginger being a general cleanser, improves digestion, helps to keep your metabolism going strong, lifts your energy prevents indigestion, nausea, and heartburn… Great! (Jazz)

Fill a whole pan with water, add as much ginger as you fancy and the shells of 3 onions. Allow it to slowly boil and simmer on a low heat for about 20 mins. Let it cool a little and sip on it through out the day! It’s a great way to get into cleaning and detoxing.

Covid-19 is day by day shockingly feeling so real, This afternoon a body was carried from a neighbours house and two days ago the next street. Ni information regarding Coronavirus. as far as I am aware there are no active cases here in Tarifa currently but absolutely could be jousting by new statistics. Feels so (un) real Everyday you become sensitive to neighbours and their changing moods. Hearing voices and configuring personalities you didn’t know existed.

There is a slight romance to it all and mysteriousness.

Fascinating in fact. We get soft jazz every evening from a neighbour 20:00, and every soul hanging out of doorways and windows cheering, some tears and gratitude to say thank you to all services still providing a decent standard of living and care at their own risk!

Today statistics show 13% out of spains whopping 40,000 are care-workers and nurses!

If you live in the middle of nowhere BUT have a cheeky bit of sky, reach your ams out and cheer in your own merry way to contribute to this beautiful and emotional moment, because quite frankly they deserve it, and so do we! Remember we are in this together. Strange rushes of excitement dominos through friends and groups as a wonderful sense of closeness and love becomes obvious even though we are all separated from one another. It is a special time. One we will never forget and a sure dent in History. Get from it what you need x Aint no time like the present! Feels so real Reminding me of a great track back in the day Steve Arrington “Feel so real”

Be grateful Be connected Be respectful Be powerful Be generous and BE LOVE

Lockdown (lost count)- "Feels so real" Stay connected 🤜
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5 thoughts on “Feels so real “Lockdown vibes”.

  1. Jude Butterworth says:

    I read about what’s happening now approximately 12-15 years ago. Let’s just say, I was told I was totally nuts. Turns out I wasn’t. This is no accident.

  2. Esha says:

    This is a very good writeup Lau. You really making a difference. People need it right now.Stay healthy and stay safe.We all our together in this, It’s just we are in different parts of globe!!

  3. L40R4 says:

    Thank you x x <3 how is everybody feeling x would love to know your thoughts and queries about this lockdown situation x x

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