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Today’s Body buster

WARMING UP AND STRETCHING ARE CRUCIAL! I didn’t have this in my last blog *(except the Floss) but moving your body with out strain. dynamic stretching or a freaky little dance but move your body before you get your session started. If you want real performance then give your body what it needs and a realistic visual. HYDRATION AND T.L.C

2ND Daily challenge: Body blaster workout Legs Day combined with a Body Blaster Yesterdays challenge > Russian swings 3 x 20 Static Lunge – bicep and press > Bent over rows and flyes.


Sumo squats to press if desired 3 x 10 Stiff leg deadlifts 3 x 10 Matrix bicep curl 7 x 7 x 7 each arm to front curl to full extension Around the world bent to standing 3 x 10 Start to feel the burn by adding the two combinations together for your Body buster. In the thick of it Unfortunately due to terrible internet connection *half the world on lockdown* “Netflix” I could not upload the videos and god knows I tried! Anyhow.. I shall be uploading videos but will post the programe earlier and those who want to join me in a live session I would love that! Makes things much smoother.

Try to maintain a very basic level of fitness if you are housebound.

We take for granted all the plodding around we do that actually make a huge difference to our overall health and condition of our body, It may feel very temping to completely let go right now and in ways I guess that’s more then acceptable, but also do right by you and allow this challenging time to help you overcome other fears and negativity you have about your lifestyle and yourself. Use what’s out there to help you. I am very grateful to have recently moved but had to give up my gym and music studio space. I moved parts of my gym to my roof and the other in a commercial space. Now we are in lockdown I am just glad i had some things for my own pleasure and with my precious neighbour Jenny *aka landlord* A pair of Technics and fine supply of vinyl and wine. I feel like I hit jackpot. Super chuffed to get a dog from a pal returning to the UK so “back of the net.
Don’t mind me. You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tiny desk‘ is a fantastic way to pass an evening in style and ore.

Be sure to check out Erykah Badu and Anderson Paak.. Tiny Desk . In future blogs i will introduce you to some fantastic music and my fave djs.

So back to where we started… FITNESS.

This workout is designed to get your mind, body and soul active and positive. I want everyone to get out of it what they can. So to my fellow Lockdowners during this time i will also be doing videos for burst workouts using Ankle weights, TRX , Kettlebells and share what I know and love with you! Body buster Lockdown 2020

3 incredible and convenient training tools you can hide away and not break the bank with.

An effective gym at home or just for those times you simply don’t have time to use the gym. Gym??? I can feel the pain in every user now.. Its just ludicrous… Sending big love to all you temple obsessors, this is life changing sizzle to a lot of people out there. A nerd, This will be great entertainment and you can learn so much from this website. Meet the trainers and their styles. Something for everyone. Some twisted Body buster workouts. I have also been a collector for Mens health magazines for 4 years or so i have copies from all over like Australia, France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and UK. I’m pretty sure I bought my first over 15 years ago. My ex husband and I would buy it as two gym obsessors and personal trainers. I am always so hungry to learn new things , tricks and very much edging towards the more “masculine” direction (weights) we are talking 20 years plus ago. Now things are pretty hardcore in the girls world and I love it, yet girls fitness magazines haven’t really cottoned on.

Knowledge is the greatest tool.

Learning anything that excites you is beneficial whether others think so or not.Chances are if you are reading my blogs you have an interest in your happiness and general well being, want to get fit or be motivated, I hope I can ignite something with in you . Child state if i could choose. During this time we are so advanced with access to the internet with just about anything at reach and spend all that time we just don’t have in the “real world“I have a feeling this will be a min of a month ‘Lockdown” so use your time wisely. this is a chance to bring some real reflection and focus on what is really now. Also reaching out to loved ones and those who we haven’t thought about in a while.our new paranoid state might trigger all kinds of things.

Be Disciplined Be motivated Be clever Be Good to you and Be loved

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Lockdown Body Blaster
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Lockdown Body Blaster
WARMING UP AND STRETCHING ARE CRUCIAL! I didn't have this in my last blog *(except the Floss) but moving your body with out strain. dynamic stretching or a freaky little dance but move your body before you get your session started. If you want real performance then give your body what it needs and a realistic visual. HYDRATION AND TENDER LOVIN CARE
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